Potter Girl. The Beginning.


I’m Potter Girl. I thought I’d start this blog as a place to collect ideas and document my experiences and adventures with all things ceramic!

I’m not a 100% newbie to clay. I did art and design A-Level and this included a clay component (although admittedly this was over 10 years ago – which also raises the question of the use of the word ‘girl’ instead of… Lady? Woman? 30 yr old female? Ergh). Anyway. I had some experience, albeit limited, with hand building over a decade ago. Last year my husband bought me a pottery course for Christmas and in doing so ignited what has quickly become an obsession with clay/pottery/ceramics.

This pottery course wasn’t so much a course (there was little tuition, if any) as time spent in a pottery studio, however it gave me a taste of hand building, throwing, glazing and raku. Me being me however, I like to start at the beginning and really get to know something. I feel that, particularly with clay, if you don’t understand what you’re working with, you won’t be able to move forward productively.

I made a few things – none of which I was particularly happy with, mostly because I hadn’t put any thought into the pieces, as I had imagined we might be given some guidance as to what we could do. This wasn’t the case and so I randomly made a couple of things for the garden (!?), which I will post photos of later!

Once the course was over I decided to look for another pottery mentor and came across a wonderful ceramic artist locally – one of the perks of living in London, you’re never that far away from what you’re looking for.

I went along to her home studio and was met with a beautiful, orderly space full of books, pots, glazed tiles, all kinds of tools etc etc. What I would give to have a space like that at home! Needless to say I immediately signed up to go once a week and the artist (lets call her SB) has also agreed to give me some tuition, which is so generous of her.

And so this virtual space will serve as a place for me to document my progress with clay, the good things and the bad!

I have lots of things to write already as I’ve been going to SB’s for 3 weeks now, but sadly as she’s away on holiday it’ll be a month before I have another class. I have however bought a bag of clay to work with at home, so that will suffice for now.

I’ll post again tomorrow,

night night!

PG x



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