Cup & Desk Tidy

Hello! This morning I’ve had another play around with clay at home. Last night I started trying to roll out slabs at home but they kept sticking to the surface I was using  (an old shelf) and it was really quite tricky to create an even thickness across the clay. I gave up and started again this morning, however using a piece of spare cotton fabric underneath to help move the rolled out clay more easily. I still struggled getting an even thickness across a large piece of clay so I settled for a smaller piece and began making the taller tube part of a desk tidy.

Why am I making a desk tidy? I asked what beloved wanted me to make for him and he said desk tidy! If my beloved wants a desk tidy, he shall have one! (..It may take a few attempts and be a bit wonky, but he’ll get the end product, however it turns out!).

I started the base as a pinch pot but the clay was quite damp so I’m leaving it to dry just a little before shaping it properly.

I have decided to develop my Khmer jugs (that broke – boohoo) into a tea set! Well. A cup, teapot, sugar bowl and perhaps another jug with the adornment intact! I started on a pinch pot for a cup this morning but again making sure the thickness is even and texture smooth.. its no easy task! I have also been trying out my tools and they have been really handy so far – particularly making the foot (is that what you call it?!) of my cup!



Anyway, two little bits started but the morning fun is over. I might get back to them again this afternoon, I am also thinking of making my own slip – it’ll help with joining pieces together. I’ll let you know how that goes!!

PG x


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