Here’s my teapot, but where’s my spout?


This morning I picked up my tools again and made a house number for our house. People really struggle to find our house so hopefully this makes it obvious! It’s just simple but I will glaze it nice and bright so that it stands out. I made it by rolling out a section, using a set square to create the rectangle, I pinched the edges to add decoration and used the reverse end of a tool to indent the number. I was the number to stand out clearly so I’m thinking of painting that green or blue and having a white background and contrast colour edge.



Also this morning I measured and rolled out some20160620_142943.jpg clay to attempt handle for cup no. 3!     In anticipation of attaching two clays of different dryness, I took an old squirter bottle, cleaned it out and filles it with water. I used this to spray the cup so that hopefully it doesn’t dry out too much more and then once I have left the handle to dry out a little, I will attempt putting the handle onto the cup. Genuinely not looking forward to that part!! But fingers crossed it goes ok.

And lastly, I made a start on my teapot! I made two large pinch pots and put them together, cut a gentle edge for a foot and then I cut a triangle lid. I used the opportunity to go inside the pot to try and smooth the join between the two pots, but you can still see the join at the moment. Maybe I should have let them dry out more?

In using the lid hole as an entrance to reinforce the pot, it widened more than the lid and despite my best efforts to stretch out the lid a little more, it was completely out of shape so I decided it would be best to start the lid from scratch. Time will tell if that was a good idea!!


I have had a few ideas over the past few days that I’d like to try out. But, space is a premium here as I don’t have a separate studio, nor much storage space. I’m hoping I can keep all these things, and more, intact so I can get them back to SBs in a few weeks time. Eek!

Wish me luck!

PG x


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