Teapot slump, but handle success!

As little one napped this afternoon I thought I’d continue on with my teapot. What had originally started out as a sphere, after cutting the triangular lid, I decided a triangular shape might be better. The sphere was saggy in the middle and the lid hole wasn’t sitting right in the centre after I had finished trying to save it from collapsing, so I thought a triangular shape might be good. I began trying to cut a foot out and before long as I was trying… Trying! To make the sphere more triangular (with limited success) I realised if I wanted a triangular shape, slab building would give me much better edges, flatter surfaces and cleaner lines. So I scrapped it.

It felt quite good!

I guess that is the beauty of clay.

And I am learning my art, there was no need for me to desperately salvage the teapot.

On the other hand (ha!) the joining of handle and cup went much better than expected! I started to make my own slip over the weekend and actually, after scratching the surfaces and applying a little slip – I thought it went rather well!


I have purchased some rolling guide sticks and a few bits and bobs from Scarva.com (I’ll write a review once I receive them!) so I will wait till they arrive to continue with the slab rolling and then be able to progress with the teapot and other things I have in mind.

Sorry teapot, but Woohoo handle!

PG x


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