Scarva & eBay delivery: New tools!

My much anticipated delivery from Scarva arrived today. It looks like not a lot, and you’d be right, I didn’t buy copious amounts, but what I did buy I selected carefully.

Inside you’ll see a 80 mesh sieve, a white storage container and lid (with some free haribo thrown in?!) and two sets of rolling guides – 6mm and 9mm. The sieve was just shy of £10 (expensive and more than I wanted to pay, but I’m happy with the quality ) and was the perfect size to fit into the white container to finally, FINALLY finish off making my first batch of slip!


I will get to the roll guides in a moment, but I also wanted to show the two acrylic rolling patterns I picked up off eBay! The two are actually sugarcraft rollers for icing and together were less than £4 including postage – very similar things are sold on Scarva and other sites for £11+. I have to say the indentation isn’t very deep, but they make a reasonable impression in the clay and were dirt cheap. Over all I’m really happy with them!

To test out my new rolling apparatus I used my rolling guides to roll out a slab (still a lot more hard work than a slab rolling machine!!) and cut the shapes required for a mug from paper templates I’d made earlier. I then left the clay to dry short while before using the acrylic rolling pins to add the design.


The rolling guides from Scarva were £3.14 each, which I think it an awful lot considering they are quite literally two tiny pieces of wood. To be honest for the price I would have at least expected some sanding down or something, but the wood hasn’t even been smoothed down – I nearly gave myself a splinter! If the B&Q near me hadn’t just shut down, I would have made a trip there to pick up the pieces of wood for hardly anything. If I want different thicknesses in the future, that is certainly where I would go. But as it is, I paid for them (lesson learned) and they did the job fine.

So. I have my rolling guides… let the fun begin!!

PG x


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