Chess pieces take 2

Morning! Monday is here again.

Over the weekend while beloved was watching the Euros I was busy with my first attempt at making my chess set. I used my 6mm rolling guides to roll out a slab and then cut out rectangles for the pawn pieces. 6mm was far too thick so I rolled down to 4mm which was much better and went on re-cutting my shapes! I used the handle of a wooden spoon to shape the pieces into cylinders but after getting 10 or so done, the difference between the pieces was far more than the uniformity and so I scrapped them. I actually thought at the time that I will have to change my design as little cylinders were proving very tricky to get uniform. (I’m not aiming for perfection but there does need to be some continuity in height / thickness).

I thought about making solid pieces or hollowing out lumps of clay.. nothing really seemed more effective. Then I thought – I can make one long cylinder around the wooden spoon and cut pieces from this! And..  It worked!



I’ve made a few spares but these are my pawns and rooks (rooks need some shaping still) but I’m well chuffed!

There is a fair bit more to do but now I have a method that works, creating the basic forms isn’t too bad!

PG x


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