I love hand building. There, I said it.

Afternoon! It’s Friday! Woohoo! And we’re off on holiday for a week tomorrow – I cannot wait!! Sun, sea and sand here we come.

But that means a week away from clay! And a trip to SB’s studio when I get back, so I realised I should get a few more pieces done for the kiln otherwise it’ll be another week or more before I can get things biscuit fired.

There were a few things I wanted to make, as I mentioned in earlier posts, including a Khmer teapot as well as a few dishes for someone in particular. So I went back to doing what I do best – hand building!

I really enjoy the process of hand building, rolling out slabs and planning the construction of a piece. You really have to plan and measure pieces, cut out accurately, make sure the clay is the correct dryness to shape or put together.. I have to say. I do really love hand building, much more than I thought I would have before I started working with clay.

I think most people imagine pottery is mostly done on a wheel. If you watched The Great Pottery Throw Down last year, almost all tasks were done on the wheel. It’s a very different skill I think.What I love about hand building as well is that I can work on a slab while Little One is sleeping, leave it when she wakes up and then return to it later. It works well in a home environment. Throwing I think needs a longer block of time and is much messier! Although saying all of this, I can’t wait to get a bit more time on my wheel. I would love to find a class but they’re hard to find – even in London. But that’s another post all together…

Anyway, a few photos from today! This is the base of my teapot being cut out…

And these are two slabs I have shaped and textured. They’re drying for a little while and then I will shape them into dishes!

Well. That’s all for a week or so! Have a lovely week and I’m sure I’ll have stuff to post about when I get back!

PG x


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