Kate Malone @ Waddesdon Manor 

This morning beloved, Little One and I set off for Aylesbury to see the exhibition of Kate Malone’s work, inspired by the Manor itself. 

After nearly running out of petrol and a delayed start, we arrived at the Stables where the exhibition was taking place and who was the first person I saw? Only Kate Malone herself! I was completely awestruck. Beloved said I should chat to her, but for once – I was speechless. Genuinely speechless. 

It turned out she was giving a talk at the.exhibition – something I remembered reading online when looking up the details. As such, we didn’t have a ticket and so while the special event was taking place, we popped into the cafe to have lunch.  I recognised a few GPTD faces as well (Matt, Sally Jo and James for those interested).

Once we had finished lunch we returned and we’re allowed in to view the exhibition. Her work was breathtaking. Stunningly delicate and intricate and her colours and glazes were as bold and mesmerising as I had hoped. 

Then, just as we were walking over to the second part, who do we bump into but Kate Malone herself. She asked about Little One and introduced her friends before inviting us to her studio open day later in the year. She was genuinely warm and humble, at ease with herself and her magnificent work surrounding us. She was delightful. If I wasn’t already a huge fan of her work, I am an enormous fan of her as a person now. What an incredible role model for my little one, a gifted and creative woman who has time, patience and warmth for those she just met. 

Today was simply magnificent! 



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