Glazing – a whole new world! 

After a mammoth making session there is an awful lot of glazing going on and of course, this happens once a week or so At SB’s studio as I don’t have my own glazes/kiln. I’m realising how different  (and difficult!) A skill glazing is to making a pot. 

I have by no means mastered the making side, but I am growing in confidence with my construction skills – I’m attending a throwing workshop this weekend as well to get my throwing skills refined! But with all the things I’ve made the past few weeks, they are “make or break” (“made or broken”?!) With the glazing process. I am limited to the glazes that SB has at her studio, which is difficult as I don’t have the colour choice or effect I would like but again, I wouldn’t have any glazes at all without access to her resources! So. I need to make the most of what I have available, which will mean compromising here and there. I need to slow down and enjoy the learning process and perhaps one day I’ll be able to get my own pottery space and invest in glazes and a kiln. 

…One can dream!

PG x


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