Reclaiming clay tips!

I’ve just come across this site and post about recycling / reclaiming clay

This page talks about lots of different ways to recycle clay – ultimately it’s as I described in an earlier post – drying clay out (optional), soaking it down and then drying it out before wedging. People have lots of different ways to help the process along although I like the idea of putting the clay scraps in an old pillowcase before putting it in the bucket. That way once it’s slaked down you can easily remove it and hang it out to dry to get rid of excess water and assist in the drying process before laying it out on a porous surface.

My clay has slaked down quickly! Just a few hours – probably because it was a small quantity. A before and after shot!

But, I will leave it over night just to be sure. All good so far!

PG x


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