Clay reclaiming complete! 

After leaving the clay to slake down for 24hrs and then laying it out about an inch or so thick over my home made wedging board, I left the clay to dry for 48hrs. I checked on the clay every few hours and I think somewhere between 36-48hrs is probably sufficient although I initially dried the clay outside and then under a lamp for a while. When I got up this morning the clay was a good viscosity in that it wasn’t wet to touch but wasn’t close to leather hard. I’d say it was damp to touch and my thumb left an impression easily in the clay without my thumb getting stuck or covered in clay! I hope that makes sense. 

I scraped the clay off the wedging board – this time I laid it on the canvas side but next time I think I’ll lay it out on the plaster side. The clay stuck to the canvas a little and from what I’ve seen on YouTube it should be able to come off in one piece on the plaster side. I wedged the clay a little on the plaster side and it stayed in one piece.

Overall from a 12.5kg bag or so of clay, I was able to reclaim 2kg! I’m really happy. Yes it’s a bit of work, but it’s part of the best thing about working with clay – you can reuse it! 

I am going to a throwing class tomorrow with the studio owner I first had a few classes with about 8-9months ago. He holds a throwing day, 10am-5pm in his studio for £70 which is much more reasonable than the 2hr one-to-one class for £60 I was considering in Hitchin! Other people were charging £100+ for a day. It’s madness.

Anyway I will write a post about throwing tomorrow after I’ve been to the studio! I will also get to work using the reclaimed clay this afternoon while Little One sleeps and see how that goes.

PG over and out x


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