Tuesday night update 

I spent the afternoon throwing pots in the garden while Little One slept! Well, two pots to be exact as I was able to very quickly reclaim back 1kg of clay from yesterday’s throwing endeavour! Sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and a coffee while working on my Shimpo as Little One slept- it was close to a perfect afternoon! 

I was able to turn the two pots quickly before heading to SB’s studio this evening too.

At SB’s I picked up a few things that had been glazed and I was pleasantly surprised! The sugar rollers (star and oval designs) actually came up well. I liked the glaze on the mugs but the desk tidy and dish could have been better. As it happens Beloved likes the effect so alls well. 

I also got my chess set back and they look pretty awesome if I do say so myself! 

I cut the pieces for a box to store the chess set and spent the rest of the night glazing my phnom penh market vase, which I barely half finished! So all in all it was a good evening. SB wasn’t upset I’d tried throwing, I felt really nervous about telling her but actually she was really impressed with my first efforts. I was so worried I’d disappoint her but she was genuinely pleased with my work. You know when you’re more scared of making someone disappointed rather than angry? Like that! I guess I just have enormous respect and fondness for her. 

Well past my bedtime! 

PG over and out x


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