A few pieces, fresh from the kiln!


I wanted to share a few photos with you of finished pieces. Often my posts are talking about the construction/formation process or ideas, but it isn’t so often I get to post about finished pieces. I won’t be going to SB’s studio for two weeks or so, so this morning I popped over to collect a few items I had recently glazed and that she had fired.

These pieces are more experimentations with shape, form and glaze. I slowly feel like I am getting the hang of the construction process but I am still getting to grips with glazing! Whereas I know roughly what colour items might be, it’s still difficult to decide upon what glazes or colours for different items.

Of the pieces that came back to me this week, I really like the consistency of the white glaze used on the bowls, egg cups and inside the star mugs and bowl. The tek moku glaze on the turquoise/light grey bowls created a really interesting effect too, although I think it might have had even more impact with a different coloured glaze.


The star mugs were actually glazed with a low temp blue and a high temp white and fired at high temp. I was really happy to see how clearly the stars came out and the even coverage of the blue glaze. I think the contrast between the blue and white is classic and effective, I particularly like the white on the inside I think it gives a more professional finish.


Finally the white outside and turquoise/green inside bowls look great! Both glazes gave good coverage and the combination of colours is one I will definitely use again. It was interesting to see the different results depending on the shape of the rim (thin and pointed or thicker and rounded) and whether the green was taken right to the edge or the white brought in.


Each time some pieces come back, I learn a few lessons and I feel that my next glaze decisions and techniques are better informed. Happy!

PG x


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