Garden Jug 

I have a lot to thank my parents for. They have supported me through the ups and downs, very highs and very lows. I wanted to make them something special and personal. Mum was over recently and really liked my Phnom Penh vase and so I thought I should make something for Mum and Dad! 

My parents have the most beautiful garden and so I thought this would be a good starting place for a piece. I took to my sketchbook and came up with a few ideas. 

I actually began making a vase but as I was working with the clay I wanted to narrow the neck to make the shape more interesting and then when I added an extra piece of clay to elongate the neck, I realised the shape lended itself to being a tall thin jug. I cut a long handle and left it to dry out a little while I cut out pieces for the garden and added textures to the clay using a stamp I made and a fork. Once the handle was a suitable dryness  (it held it’s shape well) I attached it, no problems.

I’m really happy with the outcome, I just need to think about getting the glaze spot on. I was inclined to think all white or a block colour but I know my mum would like something colourful. I just don’t want the colours to be garish or too clumsy. Parts of the Phnom Penh vase look great but other areas look messy. Perhaps SB will have some ideas. 

If you have any ideas for glazing, let me know! 


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