Stamp, stamp, stamping

This past week at SB’s I decided I’d do something I’d been meaning to do for a long time, which is make a few large bowls! But seeing as I’m still getting to drips with glaze and not always achieving the effect I want, I decided to play around with stamps!

I have used stamps before, the one I made for example, but only occasionally. The actual stamp process is more difficult than it sounds as you have to apply even pressure and in a repetitive design, accurate placement. Too deep and the clay is compressed too much so that it extends out distorting the overall shape, too shallow and it will be lost under glaze.

As you can see with the triangles, I got a little impatient doing the geometric boarder for this bowl! But then again it was 10pm after a long day at work…


I still have to decided on colours, but they’ll make great Christmas presents! They’ll have been fired this week so I’ll post the glaze results in a week or so.

Stay tuned!

PG x


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