Dad to the kiln rescue! 

If you’re lucky like me, you have a Dad or someone  (male or female!) in your life who is that go to person for advice for anything from buying a pair of glasses to fixing a kiln.

As avid readers of this blog will recall, my kiln died the first time I tried to use it. Being an old second hand kiln and having done basic checks on the kiln, I was baffled and assumed something must be seriously wrong, or so wrong that I as an amateur potter should best leave it alone before I do myself  (or worse, the kiln) some damage. I rang the local recommended ‘kiln guy’ but he was busy for a few weeks. Needless to say the kiln sat unloved… until this week.

This week SB emailed to say her kiln has called it a day! Not only is the kiln not working, she has closed the studio as she can’t store the volume of items that would be made. 

I was facing the prospect of no ceramics until the new year. 


Pottery keeps me sane. Genuinely. After a crap day at work and once Little One is in bed, pottery allows me to forget the stresses of the day and focus on something I have the power to change, shape and make. I love thinking up projects during my lunch hour or during my commute. As I’m sure it is for many of you out there, it’s become an important part of my life.
Therefore facing weeks without being able to make something, particularly at this festive time and me with friends and relatives expecting a little ceramic something.. it just wasn’t going to do.

Cue Dad! Dad overhears me telling Beloved that SB’s kiln has ceased to function and what does he do? Volunteers to take a look at it for me. 

And in less than 24hrs, my kiln is fixed!!

Turns out kiln was fine, my extension cable was to blame. Idiot here didn’t know you have to unravel the entire cable to prevent overheating within the extension cable frame when using the cable for prolonged periods of time. Little kiln was fine all along!! It was the extension cable that hadn’t cut the mustard. D’oh!?

Well. WELL. To celebrate, what did I just gone and do? Bought 4 more little pots of glaze that’s what! With SB’s studio closed for the time being I only have the the two pots of Botz glaze I bought for the first (failed) firing. I have used them both but with very mixed results.

I bought two more Botz glazes, a grey and a white, and two Spectrum glazes, a blue and a white. I also bought some cone 6s as the Botz glazes fire at a higher temperatures than the spectrum glaze. I bought all these (and a few more bits) from Bath Potters as their prices were better than Scarva and they had a 10% off for first online orders. Once they arrive I’ll do a proper review. Promise.

I’ll also build a few bits and bobs at home, try a bisque firing and a glaze firing – how exciting!! Lots to blog about. Although we’re away the next few weekends (tis almost the season to be jolly) but I’ll get to it as soon as possible!

So in summary:

  • SB’s studio is closed – Boo! 
  • My kiln works – Yay!
  • My Dad is awesome – Love ya Pops! 
  • Some new glazes to try out – Yay!

Happy days. 

On a different note. The political world had been turned upside down recently. Brexit.. Trump.. Whatever your political leaning, be kind to each other.

Love PG x


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