Brush on Stoneware Glaze (part 1)

I originally bought Botz glazes from Ceramatech in Tottenham (Steve at Ceramatech is genuinely lovely guy and very helpful should you ever contact them) as the bulk of the brush on glazes at SB’s studio are Botz and they are a short drive from where I live. The two first glazes I bought were Blue/Black 29883 and a white/blue speckled glaze called Ice Crystal 29898. The blue/black glaze came out well on my coffee jar:


but inconsistently swamped another piece with more delicate detail:


Whereas the Ice Crystal didn’t come out speckled blue at all, it came out more… dusty yellow? And again, didn’t do much for the detail with uneven coverage.


These two initial pots of glaze were to give me something to work with at home for firing, however their versatility seems to be limited (..or perhaps it isn’t? Tips and ideas welcome!)

I mentioned in the previous post last night that I had put in an order for a few brush on glazes with Bath Potters. These were for two pots of Spectrum stoneware mid temp glaze (no. 1118 and 1115 if you’re interested!) and a grey and white Botz glaze. I had liked the look of the Spectrum glazes and was keen to try something new. Sadly they got in touch to tell me the Spectrum glazes I had ordered were out of stock, which is obviously a shame, but they were quick to offer either an exchange or refund (I opted for refund). I’m looking forward to getting the Botz glazes and will review them when they arrive. They fire at a high temperature and I hope to get creative, combining the two new Botz glazes with the two ones I have.

However I am still keen to get a few ‘base’ glazes, or staples.. Does that make sense? Block colours.. but versatile colours that I can use, layer, mix… something that gives me a little more to work with. For want of a better word, a ‘starter pack’ or something similar?

After putting my glaze dilemma out to Twitter (Started firing stoneware@ home – what brush on glazes to start with? Or try coloured slip? Thank you!), Mayco came back as the recommended option. Potclays even offered to throw in a few goodies if I ordered with them!

(I went for brush on glaze as I just don’t have the space to keep dipping glazes.. as I’ve said previously, all my pottery equipment needs to be packed away into the two large plastic tubs I keep in the outside loo! Yes we have an outside loo. No it doesn’t work. Yes I have converted it into my kiln space / pottery storage)

Which leads me to the present. I have just placed an order with Potclays for blue, white, green, grey and coral ‘Mayco Foundations Sheer’ glazes and a couple of designer liners which will allow me to ‘draw’ with glaze. Apparently these glazes don’t run very much and are forgiving in terms of coverage. I’m hoping to make a good few things for Christmas and I think these colours will be just the ticket!

One good thing about working full time now is having a few extra pennies at the end of the month to spend on things like this! Although I am still a dedicated bargain hunter. I don’t part with my hard earned money easily.

One day when I have my dream shed/permanent designated pottery space, I’d love to have a go with dipping glazes. I know you can buy them pretty much ready made, but it’d be fascinating to actually make a glaze from scratch and tinker with it. One day.. A girl can dream.

Fingers crossed the glazes arrive ok.. I better get to work so I have something to glaze!

Lots to look forward too… Christmas is coming early!

Stay tuned for part 2

PG xx


One thought on “Brush on Stoneware Glaze (part 1)

  1. Happened to stumble upon your blog when I was googling on amaco glazes vs botz glazes and actually am super excited to read about your ceramics and even how you fire your pieces at home *_* Thanks for sharing~~!


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