Glazing goodies!

They’re here!! How quick is that?!

Two parcels arrived for me today: one from Bath Potters and one from Potclays. 

Sadly another of the glazes from Bath Potters was not available. When I rang up to follow up, they were very nice and apologetic saying that they’d had a school order in which had cleared the shelves! I don’t find getting angry or upset in these situations helps as many pottery and ceramic businesses are small family firms and need our support. And as they had apologised genuinely and promised to forward on the glaze asap, what more could you ask for? Plus with the 10% off at purchase and refund for the other glazes, I’m still happy with the prices I paid and the delivery was very quick! 

At the same time my delivery from Potclays arrived! This was one I was very excited about as the glazes look beautiful and I’m hoping to experiment with them. I tweeted this picture:

The guys at Potclays replied saying they noticed that freebies had been left out and would send them on separately. How nice is that? I don’t know many people who’d turn down a freebie but to go to the trouble really is lovely. I’ve found Potclays to be very approachable and forthcoming with advice and tips.

In fact everyone I’ve meet in the potting community has been very genuine, open and more than happy to talk pots and clay and all things ceramic. It’s wonderful and heart warming especially in the times we find ourselves in politically, that something as simple as clay can bring people together.

Well as I said before sadly we’re away this weekend otherwise I’d be wedging clay as we speak.. So it’ll be a few days before I get to make anything and longer before I get to  (fingers crossed) fire anything.

 But I can’t wait to get started! 


PG x


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