Thrown Down – it’s back!

If you follow any of the former Great Pottery Throw Down potters on social media I’m sure you know that a third series is on the cards!

A bit like Bake Off, it sounds like it’s moving to channel 4. I wonder if they will keep the same line up of Keith, Kate and Sara? And surely it’d have to be in Middleport?!

Applications are still open for any one up for the challenge!

I am just so glad it’ll be back on our TV – although probably not for some time I guess, if they are only just receiving applications. The second series on the BBC got large viewing numbers so hopefully this is just the start of a long public love affair with clay..

As for me, we’ve moved house so all my pottery paraphernalia has been packed up. However! I have commandeered a space in the new garage – it doesn’t have any power and is mostly full of cobwebs and old gardening equipment.. but it’s space!! And that is a luxury. I’m hoping I can get back to making more and trying out new techniques over the summer. In the meantime it’s Tuesday evenings at SBs studio.

Happy potting everyone!

PS xx