Ceramic Art London 

Ceramic Art London is nearly here! 31st March – 2nd April. Beloved has done good and got us two tickets to Ceramic Art London on the Sunday!

There are some great images and a sense of excitement on social media from Potters getting ready for the show. Tons of photos of full kilns and glazed bisqueware ready for firing! I really can’t wait to see what beautiful pots will be on display! I’m going to hold back on buying coffees and bring my lunch to work so that I can save up a few pennies in order to get myself a little something.

There is a great programme of talks throughout the weekend as well! We’re only going on the Sunday, but I’d so love to make the whole three days. I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop smiling  as I walk around – so if you see a grown woman grinning like a kid in a sweet shop – that’s me!!

Tickets still available. See you there!!

PS xx


Tuesday night update 

I spent the afternoon throwing pots in the garden while Little One slept! Well, two pots to be exact as I was able to very quickly reclaim back 1kg of clay from yesterday’s throwing endeavour! Sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and a coffee while working on my Shimpo as Little One slept- it was close to a perfect afternoon! 

I was able to turn the two pots quickly before heading to SB’s studio this evening too.

At SB’s I picked up a few things that had been glazed and I was pleasantly surprised! The sugar rollers (star and oval designs) actually came up well. I liked the glaze on the mugs but the desk tidy and dish could have been better. As it happens Beloved likes the effect so alls well. 

I also got my chess set back and they look pretty awesome if I do say so myself! 

I cut the pieces for a box to store the chess set and spent the rest of the night glazing my phnom penh market vase, which I barely half finished! So all in all it was a good evening. SB wasn’t upset I’d tried throwing, I felt really nervous about telling her but actually she was really impressed with my first efforts. I was so worried I’d disappoint her but she was genuinely pleased with my work. You know when you’re more scared of making someone disappointed rather than angry? Like that! I guess I just have enormous respect and fondness for her. 

Well past my bedtime! 

PG over and out x