Blue – Brown! Amaco Potters Choice

A post a few months ago, Recent Work, showed a piece I had constructed in a relatively short amount of time but it has been a long time waiting to glaze. This is because I’ve found that sometimes my glaze choices have let me down! For example I love the depth of many of the Botz glazes but they’re thick and you need 2-3 coats, which means it just isn’t suitable for a finely textured piece. I’ve recently been using SB’s Amaco Potters Choice glazes which I really love! However she mostly has blues and pinks, and sometimes they merge into an almost denim colour. Which, if the desired effect is great! 

One glaze combination I’ve been enjoying is the Potters Choice combination of brown (55) and blue (pc20). Usually the blue is a Base colour you layer on top of however I’ve been putting the brown on first and using the blue to accent and it’s worked surprisingly well! 

I first used this glaze combination on a re-glazing and I liked the result. I used a dish made of scraps at the end of a studio session set in a former to try the glaze out on bisque and the depth of the brown was beautiful, particularly where it accentuated the marks underneath.

Re-glazed little vase.

I then tried the glaze in earnest on a larger piece I’ve been working on. It was built of textured strips, inspired by how urban forms and high rises begin to decay and look dated, are abandoned and sometimes find new life either through rehabitation or being reclaimed by nature. I used the blue glaze to highlight areas and wax resist to create contrast against the brown. I’m really happy with how it came out, the textures and marks are really visible. This is definitely a combination I will work with again! I want to put this piece in the garden near a crawler to let it become encapsulated by the plant. Hopefully it’ll grow in and out of the different parts and the green of the leaves will contrast with the deep brown.

PS xx


Godshill Pottery

This past weekend Beloved, Little One and I took a break from the Big Smoke and headed to the New Forest for the weekend. It was great to get out of the city, spend some time together and some time in the great outdoors! We stayed in a little lodge in between Fordingbridge and Godshill. On Sunday afternoon we were out walking and came across Godshill Pottery Рa pottery!! What luck! (Cue rolled eyes from beloved).

Godshill Pottery is home to Chris and Kate Charmin. They open their gallery up Monday to Saturday and have been making pots since the 1960s! We met Kate and chatted about her husbands pots, mostly earthenware these days, and of course The Great Pottery Throw Down! I couldn’t leave without buying a beautiful green and red mug.

It was really great to see a well established pottery and the range of work both Kate and Chris produce. If you find yourselves in the New Forest I’d highly recommend it!

PS xx