Ceramic Art London 2019

Just a quick post to alert anyone to one of my favourite ceramics events of the year – Ceramic Art London! It’s on this weekend near Kings Cross – the Granary Square area behind the station this Friday 22nd March till Sunday 24th March!


It’s not only a chance to go and see what’s going on in the world of ceramics, but it is also a chance to meet some of your favourite potters! And by and large, they are wonderful, enthusiastic and open people. I have been for the past few years and it really is a fantastic exhibition. Tons of demonstrations, fabulous work on show (and to buy), and just a really fantastic event. One day I’ll have a stall there – ha!… one can dream.

Some of my favourite potters are making an appearance!

I have been a follower of Rhian Malin for a few years now – her clean, hand drawn geometric patterns and mandalas are just stunning! (Photo below taken from CAL website).


The gorgeously enthusiastic and down to earth Lisa Hammond is back – her work is much more earthy and raw, and her work to encourage and support studio pottery is second to none (photo below also from CAL website).


And Jin Eui Kim whose work blows my mind. All of his work is hand painted and his shapes of form are mesmerising. (Photo from CAL website).


But the best thing about CAL is discovering new and exciting artists and techniques!

Do go if you get the chance – it is certainly not one to be missed! And who knows – we may bump into each other!


PS x



Oh, hello!

Hello friends, hello.

Apologies for long gap between posts – PotterGirl has gotten herself a full time job, Little One is in Childcare and Beloved is doing just great. However while full time employment has meant we have more money coming in (yay!) it means less time for clay day to day (boo..).

Particularly when starting a job, things can take a while to settle and for new routines to start. I’m out of the house before it gets light and I’m back not long before it’s dark. Weekends are time to spend with Little One and Beloved, but I’m slowly getting back my evenings and a little time for clay at the weekend while Little One sleeps.

I’m also still visiting my favourite local ceramicist SB! Which is why I have a few photos of finished projects and one or two of a few things in the pipeline.

Also, I haven’t been able to get someone to look at my kiln yet, so things are still being fired at SBs rather than at home. Which is fine, but certainly slows up the process.. Mental note. Sort out kiln already!?

So here are a few items I’ve gotten back, in one piece thankfully! You’ll probably recognise most of them from earlier construction posts.

With the new work schedule things will be taking a while to complete, but there are still lots of projects to be working on! So please bare with me if there is a long time between posts – I am working away in the background and I will post as soon as I can! I’m on instagram and able to update that quicker so should you so wish,  please feel fee to follow me, @pmstrat

PG xx

Quick pots update 

I just wanted to share with you two pots I have been working on! They are a thrown vase and bowl decorated with handmade pieces. The inspiration came from my Phnom Penh market vase, which is entirely covered and layered in textures and shapes to resemble the variety and colour of Phnom Penh’s market stalls. For these pieces I have taken one technique and developed this design that is more simplistic but (I think!) effective.

Any comments or glaze ideas always welcome! 

PG x

P.S. Kate Malone influence obvious too?